Research for the Front Lines

Research for the Front Lines is a new initiative that connects: 

grassroots communities and organizers on the front lines of the fight for environmental and climate justice in Canada


researchers with skills, time, and labour to offer

to collaborate on research that contributes to resisting extractive, colonial capitalism and rebuilding just, flourishing alternatives.

What we do:

  • Work with front line communities and grassroots activists & organizers to identify research needs.
  • Coordinate a network of researchers offering their skills, time and labour to respond to community/movement research needs.
  • Provide training for researchers about community-led research and decolonial research methodologies.
  • Ensure rigorous, quality research outputs.
  • Ensure collaborations are effective, respectful and serving community/organizer needs.

Are you a student or researcher with skills and time to offer? Do you want to actively support the fight for climate and environmental justice in Canada? If so, sign up here to join our community of researchers willing to donate their time to Research for the Front Lines.

Are you a member of a community facing climate impacts or unwanted oil and gas development? Are you a land defender, climate activist, or grassroots community organizer fighting for climate and environmental justice? Could strategic research, data and writing help you with your current struggle? If so, get in touch with us at to set up a meeting to talk about how we can support your work with research skills, time and labour.

Are you an experienced researcher willing to mentor less experienced researchers working with us, to ensure high quality, rigorous research is getting done? Then, Fill out this form to let us know what specific research methods you can offer mentorship on.