Public Speaking and Workshops

Public Speaking


May, 2021         Panelist for La convergence des luttes : impératif moral et stratégique? event organized by Le Hub 

April, 2021        Presented workshop about Theories of Change, organized by Long Talks in the Woods

Mar, 2021         Panelist for More Powerful Together: Conversations with Climate Activists & Indigenous Land Defenders event, organized by Indigenous Environmental Justice.

Nov, 2020         Keynote and Panelist for More Powerful Together Book Launch, organized by Fernwood Publishing and The ENRICH Project.

Oct, 2020         Panelist for discussion on Identity, Equity and Law in Ecological World-Making, organized by Ecological Law and Governance Association (ELGA).

Oct, 2020          Presented public lecture entitled ‘Let’s talk about transformative change, sustainability, and building a better world. Now’ for McGill’s Food for Thought Public Lecture Series.

Oct, 2020         Panelist for discussion on Environmental Justice, organized by Anthropocene to the Ecozoic (E2A)

Sept, 2020       Moderator and organizer for Climate Science Teach In for Climate Activists, hosted by the CSIM climate lab at Concordia University.

Sept, 2020        Panelists on Divestment from Fossil Fuels at McGill, a webinar hosted by PGSS McGill.

Sept, 2020        Panelist for Just Recovery Teach-in and Panel Discussion organized by Climate Strike Canada. Other panelists included David Suzuki and Seth Klein.

July, 2020          Panelist for Climate Change: A World Beyond Covid-19, presented by CEED, Sustainable Concordia and other groups. Other panelists included Deborah MacGregor and Vanessa Nakate.

June, 2020         Workshop facilitator for Holistic Activist Communities, as part of as a part of Sustainable Concordia’s Sustain’Alive event series centred on activism, society, and the planet.

May, 2020          Panelist for event organized by Fernwood Publishing entitled Environmental Transformation in Times of Crisis. Spoke about the links between the Covid-19 pandemic, social transformation, climate change, and environmental injustice

Mar, 2020           Guest speaker at Vanier’s International Women’s Week Festival. Spoke about the links between climate change, oil and gas development, violence against women, and the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada.

 Nov, 2019          Guest speaker on the subject of transformative approaches to climate mitigation in Canada as part of a monthly seminar series on the Anthropocene at Université de Montréal.

Sept, 2019          Panelist in webinar entitled: The Next Generation of Environmental Movements: Activism and Advocacy for Ecological Law, organized by The Earth Law Center and Economics for the Anthropocene with the support of the Ethics Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law.

Sept, 2019         Workshop co-facilitator. Designed and co-presented workshop entitled “Living Sustainably and Taking Action on Climate Change”, part of a Concordia Student Union workshop series ‘Get Sustainable’ at Concordia University.

Sept, 2019          Workshop co-facilitator. Co-led a workshop for faculty and graduate students at University of Vermont on best practices for research collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. This was one session in a UVM speaker series on Power and Privilege.

Feb, 2019            Organizer and host of Symposium on Environmental Racism, which featured an panel of speakers from communities in Canada facing the impacts of environmental racism.

Feb, 2019            Workshop leader. Gave two workshops (one on developing theories of change and one on building stronger movements through collaboration) at thePowershift Youth Climate Conference, in Ottawa.

Jan, 2019            Guest Speaker at rally for International Women’s day in Montreal. Spoke about the links between climate change, oil and gas development and violence against women in Canada.

Mar, 2019           Workshop co-leader. Co-led workshop on Building Holistic Movement Communities as part of Sustainable Concordia’s Sustain‘Alive workshop series.

Oct, 2018            Keynote Speaker. Presented on Natural Building, Climate Action and Social Transformation, for McGill’s annual Permaculture Week.

Academic Conferences

Jan, 2021          McGill Sustainability Research Symposium 2021 – Sustainable Business. Invited Presentation on Fostering Change: The Role of Individuals in Transforming Society.

Nov, 2020           Building a New World in the Shell of the Old to Face the Climate Crisis: Between Transition, Resilience and Resistance at CRITS École d’innovation sociale Élisabeth-Bruyère, Université Saint-Paul (Ottawa, ON). Organized and hosted Virtual Panel on Theories of Social Transformation from the Grassroots. This featured 3 Indigenous land defenders speaking about their own theories of transformation and about decolonizing research practices.

Oct, 2020            Confronting The Climate Crisis with Systemic Alternatives in the Age of Corona Virus atEJ/CJ – The Environmental & Climate Justice Studies Digital Hub, UC Santa Barbara (California, US). Organized and hosted Virtual Panel on What Covid-19 has been teaching us about the fight for climate justice. This panel features 3 community organizers from Montreal who have been responding to Covid-19 in ways that are socially transformative.

June, 2019          International Sustainability Transitions conference at Carleton University (Ottawa, ON). Presented paper on Theories of Social Transformation from the Grassroots, based on a chapter of my doctoral thesis. Organized and moderated a panel with Indigenous land defenders and environmental justice researchers about the links between resistance and building alternatives in transformative climate action. The session was livestreamed across Canada and attended in personat the conference.

May, 2019          Engaging Economies of Change. Canadian Association of Ecological Economists (CANSEE) Conference(Waterloo, ON). Presented paper about the need for greater engagement with theories of social transformation among ecological economists. Organized and hosted a workshop on best practices for research collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The workshop featured two Indigenous leaders and was the basis for an article which was later published.

April, 2019          ACKnowlEJ Final Project Meeting at Boğaziçi University (Istanbul, Turkey). Presented research findings and updated map of Environmental Conflicts in Canada. Hosted workshop to synthesize the main findings from across all participants’ research throughout the 5-year project to compile a list of “Key Lessons for Activists and Communities”.

Nov, 2018            CIARS Decolonizing Conference, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON). Presented paper on Decolonizing and Decarbonizing Canada, sharing the overall results of my doctoral research.

May, 2018          The Great Transition Conference (Montreal, QC). Presented paper on Decolonizing and Decarbonizing Canada, sharing the overall results of my doctoral research.

Oct, 2017            Economies in an Age of Limits: A Time for (R)evolution! Canadian Association of Ecological Economists (CANSEE) Conference,(Montreal, QC).Member of Conference Planning Committee. Helped with all aspects of conference planning, with a focus on ensuring racial, gender and age diversity in conference presenters and keynotes and prioritizing the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives. Presented paper called Change in the Anthropocene: De-carbonizing and Decolonizing Canada. Chaired special session called ‘Academics as Activists?’ on the role of scholars in social transformation. Convened special session called Perspectives on natural capital and ecosystem services values: Contested concepts or pragmatic solutions?

2015                     People and Planet in the Anthropocene. Transformations Conference (Stockholm, Sweden). Presented paper on Indigenous rights and resistance as a powerful transformative force in Canada’s energy economy.

2015                     Pathways for Change: Towards a Just and Sustainable Economy. Canadian Association of Ecological Economists (CANSEE) Conference (Vancouver, BC). Presented paper on Indigenous rights and resistance as a powerful transformative force in Canada’s energy economy.

Other Media

Nov, 2020            Podcast Interview on Intersectional Analysis and Environmental Organizing for an online course on Environmental Ethics at McGill

Oct, 2020            Radio Interview on the topic of the intersection of research and activism for Climate Justice Saskatoon’s From the Ground Up Radio Program.